Scott Geoff2005 1

Geoff Scott

  • CEO
  • Leadership

As CEO of ASUG, Geoff believes that the connections we make for our members have the potential to become career-defining relationships that inspire innovation and success for their organizations. His forward-thinking leadership prioritizes helping our members make the most of their investment in SAP technologies. To that end, Geoff works closely with customers, members, the SAP Executive Board, and the extensive partner ecosystem to amplify the voice of the SAP customer. Additionally, he enjoys the time he’s able to spend with our members at ASUG conferences, events, as well as in informal meetings.

Geoff has more than 20 years of leadership and technology experience, including seven years of extensive SAP implementation and operations experience. His background in the automotive, food, retail, and startup spaces brings valuable, broad-based experience to ASUG. Past positions include CIO for TOMS Shoes, where he led the implementation of SAP; CIO at JBS; and senior leadership positions at Ford Motor Company. Before becoming CEO, Geoff was an ASUG member and served on the board.

Geoff has served on a number of philanthropic boards and is the founding member of the Denver CIO Executive Council. He is a proud Spartan and alum of Michigan State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting as well as his MBA. In his spare time, Geoff is an avid sports photographer in his community and challenges himself to keep up his application development skills by creating apps for his own enjoyment and use. Connect with Geoff on Twitter @gscott16.

Bernard Anthony2484 1

Anthony Bernard

  • CFO
  • Leadership

With over 15 years of experience in accounting and auditing across various industries before he arrived at ASUG, Anthony is highly regarded for his vigilant attention to detail—while never losing sight of the big picture (or his sense of humor). He works to steer the organization with a steady hand to ensure its ongoing financial and operational health.

Anthony provides leadership and strategic direction for all financial and operational functions at ASUG, and he directly oversees finance, accounting, HR, and facilities. His ensures the path ahead is always clear for ASUG to continue moving forward, while implementing its mission to help its member organizations and individuals grow and advance.

Anthony joined ASUG as controller in May 2014 and then was SVP of operations before becoming CFO. Prior to ASUG, he was finance manager at Videojet. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine and an MBA from DePaul University. He’s also a certified CPA. When he’s not at work, he’s always looking for an impromptu challenge to play basketball or cribbage.

Chinski Sean2610 1

Sean Chinski

  • SVP, Sales
  • Leadership

Valued for his emphasis on integrity as well as his deep expertise in B2B sales, Sean is committed to advancing the sales profession and feels strongly about the value of close listening to truly understand customer needs. As a genuine people person, Sean enjoys getting to know ASUG members and prospects. His role at ASUG centers around helping members solve business challenges, and he employs an understanding of brand experience principles to ground his approach to organizational structure, product development, and go-to-market strategies.

Prior to joining ASUG, Sean led a 15-year career at fast-paced, high-growth tech organizations, including startups, where he learned the value of aligning with customers to create win-win partnerships. One of his recent roles was at an SAP partner organization that offered a social media analytics solution, and his areas of specialization include social media intelligence, digital marketing, SaaS, enterprise software, and investor relations.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Loras College. His lifelong passion for sport and wrestling—through college and beyond—eventually led him to coaching young athletes. He credits wrestling for the fact that pushing boundaries, teamwork, and camaraderie are central to who he is and how he works. In his off-hours, he continues to challenge himself with Spartan races.

Wascom David1785

David Wascom

  • SVP, Executive Programs
  • Leadership

David is known as a savvy business and technology leader with deep knowledge of enterprise technologies as well as proven experience delivering high-value technology solutions that help transform businesses. In his role at ASUG, he directly empowers our members by providing timely, relevant education opportunities and connecting members with experts and thought leaders from SAP, our partners, and ASUG itself. He focuses not only on providing outcomes-focused education and resources, but also on growing the professional skills of each individual.

A long-time SAP customer, David built his career in wholesale electric supply, eventually working his way up to CIO of Summit Electric Supply before coming on board at ASUG. He has a track record of reviving struggling departments and projects by energizing staff via implementing pragmatic, effective systems and processes. David was a longtime Executive Exchange participant who also served on its steering team and is a past member of the ASUG Board of Directors.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in economics and an MBA from Louisiana Tech University as well as a Master of Science in economics from Louisiana State University. His keen interest in aviation has propelled him to begin building an experimental aircraft in his garage. He also enjoys golf and aspires to be good at it someday.