A system of putting ideas into action

Through our national conferences, collaborative initiatives, online gatherings, and user-driven educational tools and material, we provide organizations of all sizes with resources and solutions critical to enhancing business efficiency. With access to subject matter experts and SAP executives, we are an influential voice on SAP products and services in the marketplace and in development. As we have continued to prove over our short 20-year history, we do what it takes to help you succeed.

The elements outlined below offer an overview of the ways we bring people together, share focused knowledge, promote effective thought leadership, and create mutual business benefits.

Bringing communities together

While adding to the synergy and strength of our ASUG communities, you are able to connect and build relationships with a diverse collection of professionals in the SAP ecosystem. Your industry role and interests as well as your region help determine which communities are the best fit.

Chapters provide local touch points and regular face-to-face opportunities for members to network and share information and best practices within their region. With 38 chapters across the U.S. and Canada, we’re sure there’s a Chapter in your neighborhood—and a chair with your name on it.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) introduce you to other SAP users in the world who navigate the same industry, perform equivalent roles, and use similar SAP solutions—including those who leverage SAP BusinessObjects solutions. Need a deep dive on a particular industry, a business process, or technology? We’ve got you covered.

Sharing knowledge and solutions

Events are in many ways the cornerstone of the ASUG community. With more than 1,300 virtual and face-to-face education sessions offered annually, including the ASUG Annual Conference and the ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects Conference, we are the place to learn from experienced SAP customers who are implementing the same solutions as you. Attendance is the strongest signal that ASUG events make an impact, and more than 75,000 professionals attended our sessions in the past year.

Benchmarking and Best Practices are combined in a distinct program that helps you measure your progress and see how you stack up against the competition. This is in addition to the resources we provide to help SAP and customers implement and then maximize their technology investments. A better benchmarking program cannot be found, especially when you consider that it comes at no extra cost, as benchmarking survey participation is included in ASUG Installation member benefits.

SAP Influence is no ordinary product enhancement program. When is the last time you really felt listened to by a software vendor? Our Influence program formalizes member input on existing and future SAP solutions, providing members with direct access to SAP and the ability to have their voices heard on the next generation of SAP solutions and services.

Building on member benefits

Value-Added Initiatives that complement ASUG member benefits include on-demand SAP trial systems and member-to-member discounts and savings. Test drive applications on ASUG Demo Service via your browser, or take advantage of exclusive offers on the ASUG Marketplace. The added benefits of membership also include:

  • Unlimited number of user access for corporate membership types
  • Access to network with 100,000+ fellow SAP users, including those who leverage SAP BusinessObjects solutions
  • Discounted registrations to ASUG events
  • Anytime access to ASUG.com, a leading online resource for SAP customers and partners