ASUG + G2 Crowd. 

Two Companies. One Goal.

ASUG and G2 Crowd have joined forces to provide a resource to help ASUG members make better, more informed purchasing decisions on future software and services. This is possible through unbiased, authentic, and real-time advice from peers who are actual users of the software, and it will serve as an indirect channel of influence to SAP product teams.

How to get started. 

Tell us what technology you are using, then review an SAP product from your stack. Review as many as you can! The more reviews we have, the more intel we can provide to our members. Simply go to the ASUG + G2 Crowd site, log in using your ASUG credentials, and get started!

The ASUG + G2 Crowd partnership will provide a valuable source of intel to our members on what SAP products ASUG members are currently using and, through crowdsourced reviews, how well these products are performing.

Who is G2 Crowd?

G2 Crowd, a trusted ASUG partner, is the world’s leading business solutions review platform that brings common sense to business. Unlike traditional technology research, G2’s ratings are not based on the subjective opinion of a business analyst; they are based on thousands of reviews from real users sharing authentic experiences and concerns like usability, support, and ROI. Learn more about G2 Crowd. 

ASUG and G2. A partnership that makes sense.

ASUG, the world’s largest independent SAP user group, is made up of people and organizations that depend on the products and services of one of the world’s largest business software companies to run their businesses. G2 Crowd is a new and independent source of technology product reviews, and no other business software review platform can match the reach G2 Crowd already possesses. Learn more about ASUG + G2 Crowd partnership.

Your Success. Our Mission.

ASUG members have always been very forthright in their desire to connect and learn from fellow customer experiences. This is yet another way that ASUG is helping our members do just that. Everything we do is to help our members achieve success both personally and professionally, wherever they may be on their own SAP journey.