• When

    March 20, 2017

LSO: Learning Solutions Influence Council March 2017

ASUG SAP Learning Solutions (LSO) Influence Council


Sharon Newton, HyperCision Inc.
Angela Grah, PG&E
Rose Loisi, SAP


  1. SAP Learning Influence Council Welcome/Update
    • Meeting Topics: Global Customer Connection and Learning Survey , New SIG for Learning Update, ASUG LSO Session @ ASUG

Council Presenters: Angela Grah, SAP Learning Influence Council Chair, Sharon Newton, Hypercision, Mentor and Rose Loisi, SAP

  1. Learning Market Trends and Thought Leadership, HRInsider Learning Highlights, Emily Wilson – SAP-SF’s Learning Team
  2. The new ASUG SAP Learning SIG, an announcement of an SAP LMS SIG for all Learning Customers.
  3. Next Meeting: May 22nd (moved 1 week later due to SAPPHIRE/ASUG)

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