Accelerate and enrich your customer experience (CX). During this one-day event, you’ll get a strategic overview of CX and learn why it should be a priority in your digital transformation. SAP cloud-based CRM, Sales, Marketing, and e-commerce solutions empower organizations to deliver a CX that sets them apart, increases customer engagement, and inspires brand loyalty.

This event will focus on the characteristics of meaningful customer experiences, as well as on how agility and time to value are essential. Attendees will learn how deploying SAP CX solutions can be a game changer, especially in a market that demands a holistic strategy encompassing pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase stages of engagement.

Attend to:
Develop your CX journey
Learn about SAP CX Cloud product portfolio innovations
Discover how to harness data to build trust and improve CX
Build greater agility and flexibility in your e-commerce business
Understand how to deliver connected sales experiences that accelerate the buying process and turn customers into advocates
Master the delivery of fast, reliable service experiences that build customer loyalty

Please note this event is for SAP customers only. SAP partners and consultants should refrain from registering.