Foster Collaboration. Galvanize Teams. Transform People. Accelerate Adoption.

ERPsim is a business simulation that runs on a live SAP ERP system. It engages your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your digital transformation initiative.

Build momentum for your digital transformation initiative

Your organization is thinking about or already implementing, upgrading, or rolling out SAP S/4HANA. To ensure you reach your destination with minimal bumps in the road, or to get around those that are slowing your progress, you need to get all the key players on board and moving in the same direction. 

ERPsim helps organizations galvanize and align teams behind their digital transformation initiatives, by giving them first-hand experience of the power and value of SAP S/4HANA, and awakening their understanding of their role and impact on your overall performance. With ERPsim, you demonstrate to your leaders the benefits that can be achieved, motivate them to champion the change, and prime them for success.

Test Drive Business Simulation on a Live SAP System

In competing teams, participants collaborate with their colleagues to solve real business problems, using the live software and their communication skills to master processes and make decisions. In this way, they explore the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA.

  • First-Hand Experience - In competing teams, participants collaborate with their colleagues to solve real business problems,
    using the live software and their communication skills to master processes and take decisions. In this way, they explore the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA.
  • Awakened Understanding - In a role that may not be their own in real life, perhaps wearing multiple hats, they become aware that the only way to win is to communicate both up- and downstream. They begin to understand how integrated processes are, and that what they do can either accelerate or slow change.
  • Champions of Change - With a new perspective and new understanding, your key people become the ambassadors and heralds of change. Reassured of their place in the organization and with insight into the improved results they could achieve with S/4HANA, they actively support an initiative they now truly believe in, convincing others in their turn.

ERPsim™ is a live business simulation running on a real SAP® S/4HANA system:

  • Run your own business – Each team runs their own company, making key business decisions while executing multiple business transactions such as planning, sales, marketing, procurement, and finance.
  • Communicate to win – Live competition promotes an engaging, fun experience for all levels of employees from executives to new hires, and obliges them to collaborate and communicate to get ahead.
  • Understand the end-to-end process – Participants experience the entire process from end to end, as well as the value of real-time analytics in a competitive business setting.

How ERPsim works:

ERPsim simulations are run over periods lasting between two hours and a full day. To create a condensed but realistic experience of critical decision-making in a real-world scenario, ERPsim incorporates three main features:

  • Simulation of a real business problem and environment - The ERPsim experience is designed to mirror experience in the real world, making it both relevant and engaging.
  • Automation of administrative functions -  By automating administrative functions, participants can focus on higher-order problems and decisions. It also enables them to make full use of the system’s analytics and reports.
  • Passage of time, compressed - Time passes quickly in ERPsim, where a minute is a day, for example. Participants see the results of their decisions and can adjust and improve accordingly. In retrospect, they see how their decision-making process changed over the course of the simulation