In our monthly webcast cadence with SAP, Eddy Neveux discusses our ONE.Source curriculum theme for February: Integration

Topics include the SAP Business One SDK, Data Interface API (DI API) and User Interface API (UI API), Integration Framework (B1iF), and development tools. The session also covers SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, as well as SAP Business One Cloud.

Speaker: Eddy Neveux, SAP Business One Solution Architect, SAP

Topics &Timestamps

  • Introducing SAP Business One SDK (4:25)
    • Technology and interfacing
    • Motivation
    • Terminology and packaging 
  • Data Interface API (13:20)
    • Categories
    • Use cases
  • User Interface API (22:10)
    • Use cases
  • SAP Business One Development Tools (26:45)
    • SAP Business One Studio Suite
      • SAP Business One Studio
      • SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Add-ons Packaging & Deployment (32:35)
    • Add-on deployment
    • Add-on administration
  • SAP Business One Integration Framework (34:45)
    • B1iF
    • B1BC: Intercompany solution
    • B1SN: Subsidiary and Intercompany integration
  • SAP Business One on SAP HANA - Service Layer (44:05)
    • What is SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA? 
    • Present versus Future
    • Extensibility
    • Service Layer architecture (51:35)
    • SAP Business One Assistant
    • B1 Beacons for Retail
    • oData
    • API format
  • SAP Business One Cloud (56:30)
    • SAP Business One Cloud architecture
    • Browser access
    • Hybrid infrastructure