New in SAP SuccessFactors: Features for Recruiters, Mentors

December 16, 2016 by Craig Powers

When SAP SuccessFactors rolls out its quarterly updates, it’s not always about sweeping functionality changes, but typically customers may find useful feature nuggets. For the Q4 2016 release announced at last month’s SuccessConnect event in Vienna, Austria, potentially useful upgrades came to SuccessFactors Recruiting module, in the form of a self-service web builder, and to SuccessFactors Succession and Development with the addition of a mentor matching tool.

The self-service web builder, called Career Site Builder, aims to enable recruiting staff to create and make changes to their company recruiting website via a wizard tool, without requiring the intervention of developers and the need for coding.

“The point of [Career Site Builder] is a drag-and-drop way for customers to build and manage websites, or for partners to quickly build and manage websites for them,” says Mark Brandau, vice president of global solution management at SAP SuccessFactors, who spoke with ASUGNews about the Q4 updates. “It’s template-driven, like [popular web-building services] or”

Features of Career Site Builder include the ability to create a “pixel-perfect version” of a company’s corporate branding, without the need for code, by using a color matching function, Brandau says. There’s also translation management for websites in different languages as well as content delivery options for how to serve up information, such as job descriptions, to potential candidates.

What about connecting data so it can flow back and forth from Career Site Builder to the core HR system? Brandau explains this integration is automatically performed with what he calls “real-time job synchronization.” So if a new job is created in the HR system, the information can be automatically loaded to the recruiting site. On the other end, when a candidate enters information into the recruiting site, it is automatically uploaded into the HR system.

Brandau says the benefits of Career Site Builder for customers include being able to avoid outsourcing of recruiting site building to a third-party service company, which he expects will save organizations both time and money. The flipside is that recruiters will have to find time themselves to build out the sites, but Brandau says SuccessFactors has heard from customers that they want that control.

Mentor Match Game

Finding a quality mentor can often be left up to chance—potentially lucking out with your immediate supervisor or close colleague or not. Brandau says a mentor program is key to the continuous development of talent at an organization, and that’s why SuccessFactors has built its Intelligent Mentoring feature within its Succession and Development module.

Intelligent Mentoring uses an algorithm based on preferences in employee profiles of those staff who have signed up to be included in a mentor program either as a mentor or mentee. There are 11 different criteria for assigning a mentor, Brandau says, including skill level, department, location, gender, title and more

“It’s the notion of really identifying good fits between people, and doing that with algorithms and intelligence,” he adds.

As for measuring the quality of mentor matches, Brandau says there are evaluations throughout the process, but there is not machine intelligence for that at present, as there is with the mentor matching function. A potential feature on the roadmap is a pulse survey product which runs across the SuccessFactors suite to measure employee satisfaction with HR programs and software. Brandau stresses this is a roadmap item and not guaranteed future functionality.

As with all SuccessFactors updates, customers will have to decide if they have the resources, staff and need to implement the new Career Site Builder and Intelligent Mentoring functions. There is no extra subscription cost, as both features are included automatically in the Q4 release, giving the customer the option when, if ever, to turn the functionality on.