Find Contingent SAP-Skilled Talent With the Click of a Button

Welcome to the ASUG Talent Hub, North America’s first SAP-centric talent aggregation service created to deliver top contingent talent to SAP customers quickly and cost-effectively. With the ASUG Talent Hub, North America's top SAP staffing partners will be in one place, using one platform, providing you with their most qualified candidates — based on your project specifications and needs — with speed and ease of use. If you're looking for SAP-skilled, independent professionals to join your team, the ASUG Talent Hub is here to help you find the best SAP consultants available.

The ASUG Talent Hub, provides:

• Access to thousands of highly-skilled independent contractors from multiple staffing companies in one easy-to-use platform.
• Candidate resumes' delivered within 48 hours.
• A real-time dashboard where you can easily track the status of all job postings.

How to Submit Job Requirements

Step 1 

Log in to the ASUG Talent Hub using your ASUG or LinkedIn login and password.

Step 2 

Select the gray plus sign in the top right-hand corner of screen. Complete the required fields.

Step 3

Hit the Submit button.

An Easy-to-Use Platform

The ASUG Talent Hub is simple and easy to use. But don't take our word for it. View the demo video and see for yourself!

Reach Out for More Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASUG Talent Hub?

ASUG Talent Hub is the nation’s first SAP-centric, aggregated talent pool. Our portal includes a number of North America’s finest niche SAP staffing firms, ensuring expediency, quality, and a highly competitive environment. You can expect unmatched quality in 48 hours or less, at a price guaranteed to meet or beat expectations. We developed ASUG Talent Hub because we know you’ve got a job to do.

How easy is the process?

The ASUG Talent Hub portal is both easy to access and easy to use. In a matter of a couple of minutes, your hiring needs are simultaneously delivered to multiple high-octane, SAP-centric delivery partners. In 48 hours or less, you can expect a multitude of highly skilled resources for you to review, interview, and engage, guaranteed to fit within the budget you set.

Is the onboarding paperwork extensive?

Partnering with ASUG Talent Hub couldn’t be easier. Our partner, ERP Careers, Inc., will execute your MSA and will invoice you on your terms. Or, you could choose to execute our program services agreement if you wish. Beyond that, we’ll issue one statement of work per engagement, and that’s it.

How will we track time?

Tracking time with ASUG Talent Hub resources is simple and provides you complete control.  Each week the resource or resources you engage will provide a tailored timesheet for your review.  Upon review, if you agree to their time spent on your projects, simply approve it and we’ll handle the rest.

How will I be invoiced?

Invoice intervals are highly flexible, and our program can tailor most any solution to meet your needs. Whether you wish to be invoiced weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly we’ve got you covered.

Is there a guarantee?

We at ASUG Talent Hub think pretty highly of our service, and we’re willing to prove it. Every engagement comes with our iron-clad, 40-hour guarantee. If inside the first 40 hours of billing our resources don’t deliver to your expectations, we’ll simply end the engagement and you won’t be charged. It’s that simple.

If I try your service, is it an exclusive engagement?

We believe once you test out the power of ASUG Talent Hub, you’ll never want to use another service to fulfill your SAP-centric contingent staffing needs. However, until then, the use of ASUG Talent Hub does not prohibit you from leveraging any other resources you wish.

Am I obligated to choose a resource?

Not at all. If, for any reason, our Trusted Partners don’t meet your expectations, you can choose to review another set of candidates or end the transaction. At no time are you obligated to engage a resource from our talent pool.