As more organizations move toward digital transformations and adoption of intelligent technologies, having the framework and talent in place to architect everything will become essential to success. Organizations need to have a strategy that involves data, processes, technology, and people, and no one role is better equipped to manage that than an enterprise architect. 


However, many SAP enterprise architects need to add one key new skill set that is essential for modern business transformations: cloud skills. The cloud is quickly becoming the landscape for innovation—the place where architects can help their organizations meet their increasing business challenges, modernize workloads on world-class infrastructure, protect data with multi-layered security, drive decision-making with intelligent analytics and insights, and adopt hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures without vendor lock-in. 


Please join us for a special interactive boot camp for SAP enterprise architects. We will cover the following topics from the perspective of real-world enterprise architects who have learned the skills necessary to transform themselves into cloud architects. This three-part program with in-between self-study will cover the following topics:


Agenda Topics:

  • How to Become a Next-Generation Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Insights: What You Need to Know and Do
  • Architecting and Adopting a Cloud Mindset
  • Accelerate Your Cloud Knowledge and Skills: On-Demand Playlist and Resources
  • Living in the Cloud: New Opportunities to Accelerate Innovation and Value
  • Smart Analytics in the Cloud
  • Innovate in the Cloud with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Part 3: New Opportunities to Accelerate Innovation and Value 


Introduction and What We’ve Learned so Far
Paul Kurchina – Community Builder and Evangelist, ASUG


Living in the Cloud: Customer Story of New Value at New Speed and Reduced Cost


Smart Analytics in the Cloud
Danielle Brannon – Partner Technical Lead, Google Cloud


SAP customers globally are struggling to innovate, facing pressure unlike anything ever experienced. Business leaders are racing to make data more readily available throughout the organization and incorporate new capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. When SAP is paired with Google Cloud it significantly cuts down the time and effort required to run complex queries over your data, allowing you to make improvements and implement new initiatives rapidly, at a fraction of the cost, meaning no challenge is ever too big, and no opportunity is missed. Join us to learn how you can unlock the potential of your SAP data with Google Cloud and solve for smarter analytics and other intelligent enterprise capabilities.


Innovate in the Cloud with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Dinesh Vandayar – Industry Strategist, Google Cloud

McKinsey analyzed the potential of infusing AI into common business processes and workflows. They evaluated over 400 use cases across 19 industries and 9 LoBs for Return on Investment if these use cases were to be infused with AI/ML. Their analysis proved to be an eye-popping $3.5T to $5.8T ROI for companies that adopted AI/ML to inform their business processes. Our goal at Google Cloud is to democratize AI by making it accessible, fast, and useful for enterprises and developers. Join us to learn how to use Google Cloud's AI/ML platform and unlock the value and investment in SAP applications.


Customer Presentation

Barry Hensch- Head of Technology Enablement, ATB 


From Insights to Actions and Going Deeper on Your Cloud Journey 
Paul Kurchina – Community Builder and Evangelist, ASUG



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In partnership with:


  • Danielle Brannon, Partner Technical Lead, Google Cloud
  • Dinesh Vandayar, Partner Manager, SAP Strategy and Architecture, Google Cloud
  • Barry Hensch, Head of Technology Enablement, ATB
  • Paul Kurchina, Connector, Community Builder and ASUG Evangelist, ASUG

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