For 25 years, our members have been at the forefront of digital transformation, and they have always had the company of fellow visionaries and pioneers who understood the potential of SAP technology and the path ahead. We are the collaborators, drivers, and inventors that move the industry forward. And they’re just getting started. You see, ASUG isn’t a place or a thing. It’s a connection—between professionals seeking the best ideas, answers, and advice on how to stay ahead of an ever-evolving technology landscape.

From the outside, we’re a huge organization of more than 100,000 members from thousands of companies—from global enterprises to startups—spanning traditional and emerging industries across North America. But the real power of ASUG lies in informal partnerships formed through knowledge-sharing and commitment to a common cause.

ASUG has witnessed hundreds of these informal partnerships formed over 25 years, leading to thousands of problems solved day after day. So the true story of our success isn’t measured in years, but in the lasting partnerships we help create, every day.

Through Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), year-round online educational programming and hands-on training, face-to-face events, and multiple channels of influence, we connect our members to the people and information they need to keep their careers and companies moving forward.

Our Mission

To help people and organizations get the most value from their investment in SAP technologies. 

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Who We Are



Back in 1991 when ASUG was founded, our leaders were among the first to see the future of ERP, CRM, and real-time data sharing.

The current ASUG leadership group, comprised of the Board of Directors and Management Team, remains committed to ensuring that our members not only understand the path ahead but also have the tools they need to make that journey. 



We rely on the experience, the inspiration, and the commitment of more than 400 volunteers to lead our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Chapters.

Along with our Community Advocates, ASUG volunteers supply the expertise and energy that drive education, influence, and networking in these communities all year-round. Their support and commitment to providing value to ASUG members is priceless and we couldn’t do it without them.

ASUG Chapters

ASUG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


Partnership with SAP

Though we maintain an independent voice, we act as a trusted advisor to SAP.

Our Influence program leverages the collective voice of customers to provide SAP with feedback and recommendations on its solutions and services to produce tangible results.

SAP in turn shares strategy and roadmaps with our members to provide them with the business insight and advantage to come out in front.



In 1991, a few SAP customers convened at SAPPHIRE and recognized the value of sharing their SAP experiences year-round. They exchanged stories –the ups and downs of using SAP technology – and found they had a lot in common: trial and error, best practices from lessons learned, and that innovation is born from necessity. But more importantly, that they could save effort, time, and money by learning from one another. That group of users is now more than 100,000 SAP-savvy members strong.

As SAP has expanded its customer base and solutions to reinvent, reimagine, and help its customers build a modern digital enterprise, we have challenged ourselves to stay ahead of the game with new initiatives, new communities and new programs developed to help our members navigate the ever-changing business and technology requirements coming their way. You see, we understand that when business and technology work in harmony, amazing things happen. Your business is changing as the lines between technology and those who use it continue to blur, and ASUG is adapting to create a common ground where those who choose, implement, maintain and use technology can all work better connected.

“Influence, to be able to have the voice where I am one of many within ASUG and to be able to influence SAP's direction... where if I try to accomplish that on my own, as just a small-medium enterprise in the SAP ecosystem, I would not get the same level of presence, so I have a disproportionally loud voice as a member of ASUG.”