The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be staggering – disrupting the way we work, live, and play. As your business connects with employees, customers, and partners in unique and unprecedented ways, the actions you take now will set your path for the future, and SAP is committed to helping you be the best business you can be.

Whether it’s empowering employees, ensuring business continuity, or transforming customer experiences, SAP and its partners have solutions that can help you take the steps needed to move forward, no matter your organization’s size or industry.

While organizations are adapting to the “new normal” they are looking for new ways to transform their experiences meeting the challenges and needs of their customers. Consumers are shifting their spending, substantially and suddenly, to online and may be experiencing the digital brand for the first time. Online interactions are becoming crucial to the customer experience and being able to listen to customers' experience and feedback means having the chance to turn every interaction into a positive brand experience.


This session will focus on how organizations can listen to the voice of their customers, build better relationships through transparency, personalization, and trust, and at the end still drive revenue.



  • Welcome
  • COVID Impact [2:25]
  • Back to Best: SAP Customer Experience [4:18]
  • CDC Accelerator [29:42]
  • Q&A [36:19]


  • Daniel Tranter, Head of GTM North America, SAP CDC

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