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BITI: OData development options with SAP Gateway / SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

Hosted by Business Integration, Technology & Infrastructure

With SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment, the ABAP RESTful Programming Model became available. It offers a new way to implement transactional OData services without using BOPF and SAP Gateway Service Builder. Find out in this session the various OData development options and how current implementations can be reused in the ABAP RESTful Programming Model.


Andre Fischer, SAP


  • OData Development options- 4:11
  • OData V2 Service Development Options- 09:34
  • ABAP RESTful Programming Model- 12:32
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged Scenarios- 20:38
  • OData V4- 25:50
  • Key Takeaways- 33:00
  • Q&A- 34:00