Equestrian Dressage competitions faced various challenges, including laborious and effortful scoring and subpar sports presentation and fan experiences. In addition, this very traditional Olympic sport had a strong aversion towards changing and improving processes, especially if they involve technology.

Black Horse One (BHO) set out to make shows run more efficiently, with less personnel, significantly reducing paper waste and improving the presentation of the sport. Beginning with a fan-engagement app (which reached downloads of over 100k players), and moving to a paperless scoring system used by the majority of international shows (including the Olympics in Tokyo), BHO has modernized the sport beyond recognition. Where once there existed multiple judges writing scores to be checked, there now exists an online scoring eco-system on par with the best sporting events in the world.

Building the first paperless solution in dressage led to adoption by the global governing bodies, which has presented a huge opportunity for SAP to showcase the power of Analytics Cloud and HANA - both for scale and reliability. It has also provided a powerful platform for BHO to expand its operations beyond dressage and across the other equestrian sports.

An additional benefit has been the way in which BHO has been able to support the sustainability drive for many major events. Equestrian shows which use BHO have seen a 92% decrease in use of paper at their events.


  • Daniel Göhlen, Managing Director, Black Horse One

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