Think Tanks connect you with peers navigating the same challenges and opportunities as you. ASUG will facilitate an interactive peer-to-peer exchange where solutions are shared for topics specific to your role and interest.

Join the ASUG BI Think Tank for a virtual panel discussion on SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics. 

Come with your questions, as we will have time for Q&A and an active discussion with the panelists and your fellow ASUG members on the call. 

The format for Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 11 a.m. CT will include:  

  • Brief welcome and kickoff from ASUG 

  • This panel, moderated by Atul Patankar with assistance from Tammy Powlas, ASUG volunteers, will cover hot topics surrounding SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, including: 

  • How SAP S/4HANA embedded Analytics fits into your S/4HANA journey 

  • How SAP Fiori fits into your S/4HANA journey 

  • Sharing of recent wins or successes, along with resources utilized 

Gain visibility into the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing, and acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 

If you are experiencing challenges and would like to lead your own case study, fill out the survey here

Think Tank Insights:

  • Different types of analytics 

    • Fiori tile is an embedded analytic  

    • Domain specific information and actions (analytic cards) 

    • Enter details and explore in depth  

  • Analytic Overview Page 

    • Can click on graphics that give you immediate insights on your business 
    • Looks at things related to: 
      • Top suppliers 

      • Revenue by suppliers 

      • Incoming shipments  

    • Can add filters to turn cards on and off 
  • Evolution of Insights 

    • SAP ECC provided operational list reports or required a business warehouse with analytic tools to obtain insights 

    • SAP S/4 HANA Embedded helps to PUSH information to you  

      • No need to RUN reports 

      • Tiles are pushed to you  
  • Fiori Tiles 

    • Can control tiles 

    • Change colors, order of appearance, graphics, etc… 

    • Acts as your desktop to your immediate operation of your business 

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