Sponsored by: Accenture and SAP

One of the major challenges in the journey to the cloud is maintaining data integrity throughout the transformation and conversion process. Before data migration can occur, transformations are necessary to alter legacy data, so it can be accepted into the target SuccessFactors system. The key to successful projects is a laser focus on risk reduction and data quality.

Join today’s webinar and learn how to:

  • Overcome challenges with conversion and validation activities – using examples from SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Drastically reduce work effort and downtime associated with data conversion and parallel payroll activities
  • Verify the quality and consistency of the data, both before and after the migration, helping organizations achieve better business outcomes
  • Mitigate risk, reduce complexity, and speed up the conversion processes
  • Report on the real-time progress and status of the migration


Ari Levin - Global Solutions Architect, Accenture
Hank Ward - Sales Director, Accenture


  • Ari Levin, Global Solutions Architect, Accenture Software for Human Capital Management
  • Hank Ward, Sales Director, Accenture Software for Human Capital Management