A Center of Excellence (COE) is commonly defined as a team, shared facility, or entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support, and/or training for an area of focus. An SAP COE is no different; as the global market’s experience with designing, implementing, and optimizing SAP systems grows, best practices are continuously modified and new innovative tools are developed. At the forefront of innovation, SNP has developed a platform, methodology, and approach to help simplifying multi-system landscapes, and consolidate back-office systems before your migration to S/4HANA, and move to the cloud – all in a single go-live. Harmonizing data offers many benefits, however the perceived risks, costs, and business disruptions prevent many companies from acting. Using a software-automated process that can quickly compare and consolidate multiple systems, as well as archive or decommission legacy data will remove roadblocks to transformation while driving value from existing SAP applications.


  • Thomas Rosinski, Managing Director and President, SNP North America

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