Artificial Intelligence (AI) is solving problems that seemed well beyond our reach just a few years back. Using deep learning, the fastest growing segment of AI, computers are now able to learn and recognize patterns from data that were considered too complex for expert written software.

AI is being driven forward by leaps in computing power that defy the slowdown in Moore’s law and is enabling a new way of writing software. As Moore’s law comes to an end, GPU computing performance, powered by improvements in everything from silicon to software, surges.

Today, deep learning is transforming every industry, including automotive, healthcare, retail and financial services. This introduction to deep learning will explore key fundamentals and opportunities, as well as current challenges and how to address them.

Highlights include:

  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Key challenges organizations face in adopting this new approach
  • How GPU deep learning and software, along with training resources, can deliver breakthrough results
  • Discussion on joint NVIDIA and SAP efforts


Jim McHugh, VP and GM of Deep Learning Systems

Speaker Bio:

Jim McHugh is vice president and general manager at NVIDIA with over 25 years of experience as a marketing and business executive with startup, mid-sized, and high-profile companies. He currently leads NVIDIA Deep Learning Systems – NVIDIA DGX Systems and NVIDIA GPU Cloud . Jim focuses on building a vision of organizational success and executing strategies to deliver computing solutions that benefit from GPUs in the data center. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of business drivers, market/customer dynamics, technology-centered products, and accelerated solutions.


Paul Kurchina,Connector, Analyst, and Community Catalyst

Speaker Bio:

Having spent over 25 years improving business operations with SAP and other industry technologies as both a customer and as a consultant, Paul Kurchina is a Connector, Analyst and Community Catalyst focused on the SAP and the SAP Ecosystem. He focuses on the role of The Connector, as Malcolm Gladwell defines it in The Tipping Point: “People in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions.”

Taking a broad view of the overall industry and using a large network of stakeholders, Paul proactively seeks to bring people together who will benefit from sharing their mutual experiences and business know-how. And as Industry Analyst, he keeps track of developments in existing and new technologies to improve business performance of corporations.

Since joining ASUG in 1993, Paul has held volunteer leadership positions in multiple communities, including utilities, plant maintenance, centers of excellence, enterprise architecture, and enterprise portals. He has also served two terms on the ASUG Board of Directors. Currently, Paul’s primary business client is the Americas’ SAP Users Group ( ASUG ).

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