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DT: New Generation Business Processes: Preparing for the Energy Prosumer

Hosted By:Digital Transformation


The 4 Ds of De-carbonization, Deregulation, Decentralization and Digitization are driving transformation.

As the world’s energy grids get “smarter,” individuals and businesses will become a “prosumer” who both produces and consumes power such as electricity from solar rooftops.

This session will present:

•SAP’s view on the forthcoming disruptions in the utilities industry, evolving consumer behaviors and business models

•Technology considerations for how the prosumer will make choices around their energy usage that were previously only available to electricity suppliers

•Potential prosumer scenarios and SAP’s view on how utilities and other organizations can turn technology innovations to their advantage

Join us for this session to learn about new business models to grow your business, improve operations, and cut costs.


Vrushal Dongre, SAP

Speaker Bio:

Vrushal Dongre is part of the SAP Leonardo product management team based out of Palo Alto, CA. Vrushal joined SAP from Cisco where he spent the last 4 years incubating Cisco’s IoT Analytics portfolio focused on the Retail, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries. He has an extensive background in the enterprise software world with experience including retail, CPG, supply chain and services. Vrushal has a MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Bachelors in Engineering from Mumbai University. He lives in Cupertino, CA with his wife and 2 kids.