Organizations continually review their strategy to drive profitable growth in difficult markets.  Pay-for-Outcome (PfO) has been identified as one of the top emerging trends in the marketplace.

PfO provides significant benefits to a company’s customers and to the organization itself.

However, managing the risk and complexity of this new business model is a challenge that should be addressed:

•                Who is a good customer for PfO? 

•                What pricing is fair but profitable? 

•                When and how do I facilitate repairs?

This session illustrates SAP’s vision for a new solution that dramatically simplifies the management of Pay-for-Outcome contracts - leveraging existing technologies and new applications of the SAP Leonardo solution portfolio to transform your business.

Session highlights:

•  The risks and rewards of OPEX (Operating Expense) models

•  How SAP Leonardo works for specific scenarios: Pay-for-Outcome Option mitigates those risks

•  How SAP Leonardo shoulders the burden of leveraging machine learning and IoT

• Tailoring this product and solution for multiple industries 



Tom Tibbett, SAP 

Speaker Bio:

Tom Tibbett is a Senior Product Specialist on the SAP Leonardo Product Management Team.  He has a Ph.D. in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Texas A&M University, as well as a Master’s-level certificate in Applied Statistics. Altogether, he has eleven years’ experience in industry and academia working with complex data problems.  He has been awarded the Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence and is an alumnus of the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship program.  He currently lives in Clemson, South Carolina with his partner and puppy.

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