At Doehler, we realized improving our data management meant helping local data entry people assume accountability for their input—in order to do it right the first time—and understand how data moves through the organization. Our project team proposed end-to-end data controlling to the stakeholders, while taking advantage of the excellent master data quality and data management solutions from SAP.

Thoughtful use of SAP Master Data Governance and SAP Analytics Cloud software brings our entire enterprise a scalable, cutting-edge data management system. Trusted, master data is crucial to our core business processes, and now it’s continuously monitored and quality checked, end-to-end. Daily, automated evaluation jobs deliver a score for each business rule and a list of data entries needing attention.


  • Mirjam Heijnen- Keultjes, Head of Data Governance and Data Quality, Doehler
  • Ismail Vurel, customer success, SAP

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