Welcome to the Energy and Natural Resources Community Alliance!

This event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 15 at 11a.m. ET/10a.m. CT

Join us for an insightful webcast on how to best prepare for the ASUG SAP for Utilities Conference 2024, taking place in the vibrant city of Miami, FL. This event is a must-attend for professionals in the utilities industry looking to leverage SAP solutions for enhanced business outcomes. Our webcast will provide a comprehensive guide to making the most of your conference experience, covering essential tips for planning your itinerary, key sessions and workshops to attend, networking strategies, and more. Whether you are a first-time attendee or a seasoned participant, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the conference efficiently and effectively.


  • Dominic Brennan, SAP, ASUG Point of Contact
  • Alyssa Perna, ASUG, Producer, Enterprise Content Programming

This discussion will focus on:

  • Effective Itinerary Planning: Learn how to create a personalized conference schedule that aligns with your professional goals and interests. We'll highlight key sessions, workshops, and speakers to prioritize, ensuring you don't miss out on the most valuable content.
  • Networking Strategies: Discover best practices for networking at the conference. From pre-event preparations to on-site tactics, we'll provide tips on how to connect with industry leaders, SAP experts, and fellow attendees to build meaningful professional relationships.
  • Maximizing Learning Opportunities: Understand how to leverage various learning formats offered at the conference, including hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and case study presentations. Gain insights on how to absorb and apply the knowledge gained effectively.
  • Utilizing the Event App: Get a comprehensive guide on how to use the ASUG event app to manage your schedule, access session materials, and connect with other attendees. Learn how to stay organized and informed throughout the event.
  • Post-Conference Action Plan: Develop a strategy for post-conference follow-up to implement new insights and technologies into your organization. Learn how to share key takeaways with your team and turn conference learnings into actionable plans.

Our objectives for you as a Task Force attendee: 

  • Come to the Task Force ready to share your story, challenges, and/or questions. You can email your thoughts by contacting marykate.scammahorn@asug.com before the call. 

  • Participate live during the event by unmuting your mic, turning on your video, or sharing in the On24 Forums chat feature. 

  • Understand the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing. 

  • Acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 

  • Make a lasting new industry connection. 

If you are experiencing challenges and would like to lead your own case study, fill out the survey here