To prepare for the oncoming disruptions in the future of work, enterprise organizations need an agile workforce. As jobs phase out and emerge at an unprecedented rate due to automation and artificial intelligence (AI), education and skills data will no longer be enough to predict career paths and engage employees. Enterprises will therefore need to have data on people’s talents, like communication, innovation, and adaptability.

By understanding this data on their people and dynamically creating the key behavioral indicators (KBIs) for each role, business leaders can predict where their talent will thrive before they even enter a role. Join Plum CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, as she discusses how you can start quantifying potential and KBIs to get the data you need to prepare for the future of work.


  • Introduction - 2:20
  • Why the Future of Work Requires Agility - 7:30
  • How to Design Your Talent Process - 24:45
  • Key Behavioral Indicators - 31:10
  • Predictive Talent Decisions during the Employee Lifecycle - 36:00


  • Caitlin MacGregor, CEO & Co-Founder, Plum

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