This presentation will provide an annual year end update for SAP customers on U.S. HCM and payroll. We will also have development leads and the architect on the webcast to answer specific questions during the Q&A period. Learn what's new and what is coming next for:

  • SAP ERP HCM U.S. Payroll and SAP EC Payroll for U.S.
  • SAP Payroll U.S. Tax Calculation
  • SAP HCM U.S. Tax Reporter
  • SAP HCM U.S. Year End Support

Meet the speakers, get a deep-dive on similar topics, and discover other HCM solutions at ASUG Experience for Human Resources & Payroll in Toronto, Ontario from October 16-18.


Reinhard Andreaus, Area Product Owner, SAP HCM
Reinhard Andreaus is area product owner for payroll North America and development architect. Since 20 years, Reinhard has been working in payroll development at SAP for various HCM country versions from Americas and Europe. He holds a PhD in technical sciences.

Richard Rambor, Product Owner, SAP HCM
Richard Rambor is scrum team product owner for payroll North America. Since 2007 working with payroll development at SAP for various HCM country versions for Americas and Europe.

Boris Cruz, Tax Reporter Developer, SAP HCM
Boris Cruz is a software developer for HCM North America. He joined SAP in 2011, acting as a developer in projects for HCM North America and Brazil. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universidade do Vale dos Sinos (UNISINOS), located in Brazil.



  • 2:45 – Speaker introductions and agenda overview
  • 4:40 – BSI TaxFactory 11 announcements
  • 10:00 – W-4 Federal announcements
  • 19:00 – Updates overview
  • 21:00 – Updates on Tax and BSI TaxFactory
  • 23:00 – Updates on Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax
  • 26:45 – Updates on TaxFactory 11
  • 37:10 – Updates on Benefits
  • 38:40 – Updates on Corrections
  • 39:00 – Updates on EEI-1 Component 2
  • 47:00 – Updates on Tax Locator
  • 50:40 – Updates on Garnishments e-IWO
  • 56:30 – TaxReporter
  • 59:10 – Updates on Tax Reporter Phase I
  • 1:04:00 – Updates on Tax Reporter Phase II
  • 1:06:00 – Delivery of U.S. Tax Reporter Legal Changes
  • 1:09:00 – Summary
  • 1:14:05 – Q&A

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