Many of us are already familiar with -- and comfortable with – cloud. We have a process or two already running on SaaS (commonly known as cloud).

Yet many of us are equally ambivalent – if not downright reluctant – to migrate our data from on-premise to cloud. During this live conversation with SAP SuccessFactors leadership, ask the tough questions that are on your mind and get answers.

  • Is there realtime integration between the SuccessFactors modules?

  • Do I need to reimplement my onpremise payroll? Or does SAP have migration tools

  • What are the “gotchas” – thing that other customers have experienced that I should avoid?

  • How much functionality will I lose? Is there a way of measuring the loss and the increased administration ?

  • What’s the best practice for moving implementing multiple countries/

  • Should you move HR and payroll together at the same time? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • What things are top of mind for your Security and Compliance teams?

  • How much do you trust your data?

  • What are advantages and considerations for global deployments?

PLUS ask your own questions.


Mark McCauley, Global VP, SAP SuccessFactors

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