It continues to be a confusing time for SAP’s approximately 14,000 licensed On-premise HCM customers. In 2012 SAP announced a movement to the cloud and a planned cessation of its On-premise HCM applications, including Payroll. When initially announced, the guaranteed support date was through calendar year-end 2015 and customers were encouraged to journey to the cloud, adopting the SAP SuccessFactors cloud versions of the HCM solutions.

Join SAP Mentor, acclaimed author and international speaker Danielle Larocca as she provides an update on the options available for the existing SAP HCM on-premise customers as they make their journey from On-premise SAP HCM and Payroll to SAP SuccessFactors and the cloud. This comprehensive session will bring you up to speed on the changes in the HCM space, the options for each landscape model and how they came to be including an analysis of the pros, cons and considerations for each including the multiple Payroll deployment models.

Key takeaways:

  • Review the factors that should impact your decision to move to the cloud and which model is best suited for your organizations needs
  • Review the HCM Sidecar for SAP S/4HANA option and understand why it allows customers to stay with their on-premise solutions to an extended date of 2030
  • Learn the particulars of each deployment model (On-Premise, Core Hybrid, Talent Hybrid, Side-By Side and Full Cloud) and the pros and cons of each for customers as they make their journey
  • Understand the evolution from SAP in 2012 to SAP SuccessFactors in 2019 and why a migration to the cloud was required
  • Review the options for Payroll and Time for existing Payroll customers

Target audience:

  • Technical Associates (those looking to learn how to use products efficiently and effectively) 
  • Managers (those tasked with driving operational efficiency and organizational initiatives)
  • Executives (those using tech to drive business strategies)


  • History of SAP HCM: 4:45
  • What's new in 2019: 31:00
  • Payroll Options for Existing On-Premise Customers: 34:30
  • Q+A: 47:15


  • Danielle Larocca, SVP HCM Solutions, EPI-USE

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