• When

    April 3 - 7, 2017

    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Internet of Things Webcast Week

Business and IT leaders across industries are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to service and delight customers like no other competitor. With emerging smart assets that can be always-on, there is a tremendous possibility to transform operational scenarios and re-imagine business models. For most companies, this can be done by taking advantage of the large volumes of data that are produced by sensors, wearables, etc. to gain a strategic advantage in productivity, quality, customer experience, and new outcomes. Powering such a transformation is done by combining real-time insights and intelligence and machine-learning capabilities with end-to-end connected solutions that effectively converge IT and operational universes via the SAP Leonardo platform and solutions.

In the SAP Leonardo webinar series, you will learn about SAP Leonardo and the Internet of Things (IoT) from a number of perspectives, to rethink business processes leveraging the IoT to be able to collect massive amounts of sensor information, process it into meaningful insight, and create breakthrough outcomes for business to maximize shareholder value on the back of increasing profitability, higher revenue, eliminated cost, "rabidly-loyal"customers and massively-engaged employees.

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Monday, April 3: Internet of Things – The Analysts’ Perspective

Tuesday, April 4: Internet of Things and SAP® Leonardo – The SAP Perspective

Wednesday, April 5: Internet of Things – The Customer Perspective

Thursday, April 6: Internet of Things and SAP Leonardo – Partner Perspectives

Friday, April 7: IoT Heroes: Stories from the Internet of Things- Lessons Learned, and the Road Ahead