In partnership with Basis Technologies, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP technology.

DevOps automation that’s designed for use in SAP lets businesses connect tool chains and unify processes to increase the speed, efficiency, safety, and transparency of software development and delivery.

In this webcast, we’ll demonstrate through an example how dependent SAP and non-SAP change can be managed via a unified tool chain. This enables all enterprise applications to adapt to business and customer needs at pace, without risk to critical systems.

You’ll also have the chance to:

  • Learn what SAP DevOps is and why integrated delivery pipelines are important
  • Learn how SAP change and release workflows can be connected to wider IT tool chains
  • See a walkthrough of an integrated SAP and non-SAP DevOps workflow based on Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Slack, and ActiveControl from Basis Technologies



  • Peter Yabsley, Head of Product Marketing, Basis Technologies
  • Jim Dugger, Senior Technology Evangelist, Basis Technologies

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