Think Tanks connect you with peers navigating the same challenges and opportunities as you. ASUG will facilitate an interactive peer-to-peer exchange where solutions are shared for topics specific to your role and interest.

Get the latest update from SAP industrial business unit (IBU) mill products and mining. Updates include newest content that’s particularly interesting to mill products customers for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Commerce, SAP Digital Supply Chain, plant operations, and more. Join this interactive session with Q&A. 

The format for Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. CT will include: 

  • Brief welcome and kickoff from ASUG 

  • Paul Barney, SAP IBU Mill Products and Mining, will present the latest product update interesting and relevant to mill and mining customers 

  • Interactive Q&A 

Gain visibility into the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing, and acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 

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Think Tank Insights:

  • UI is a key factor of S/4 so they are continually investing in the evolution of this particular stage in S/4. 
  • Latest release: with more and more solutions and functionalities being embed and enhanced with each release of S/4HANA, upgrade provides the option to activate such functions for customers who can benefit from them. 
  • Transportation Management is a huge topic for Mill Products customers 
  • Roadmap Update: SAP Digital Manufacturing Solutions (A complete portfolio of manufacturing solutions to support digitalization and industry 4.0) 
    • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud 
      • Manufacturing Insights 
      • Manufacturing Network 
      • Predictive Quality 
      • Manufacturing Execution 
    • SAP Manufacturing Suite 
      • SAP Manufacturing Engineering and Operations 
      • SAP Manufacturing Execution 
      • SAP Plant Connectivity 
    • SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing 
      • For Production Engineering and Operations 
      • For Planning and scheduling 
      • Environmental, health, and safety 

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