Learn about the SAP Intelligent Asset Management strategy. Find out how you can develop a digital replica of your assets with accurate asset master data and content, and unify and streamline your data governance processes for enterprise asset management. With better master data governance and accurate and complete information, you can improve maintenance planning, reduce asset downtime, and increase productivity and profits while supporting compliance and safety. 


Tune in to see a demo of how digital twinning can help optimize equipment maintenance and plant operations. Natively integrated with SAP Master Data Governance application, the extensions from Utopia can help detect, predict, and prevent equipment failures and improve the asset lifecycle and asset reliability and regulatory compliance related to maintenance activities by managing asset master data and associated content in one central place. 



  • SAP Intelligent Asset Management Strategy - 4:20
  • Why Master Data Governance is Critial - 10:20
  • Demo - 18:30
  • Q & A - 43:10


  • Tom Kurtz, Global Solution Management Lead, SAP Intelligent Asset Management Portfolio, SAP
  • Peter Aynsley-Hartwell, Chief Technology Officer, Utopia
  • Sharon Blake, Sr. Solutions Director, Utopia

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