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Today, each HR professional typically manages a multi-system landscape. Sensitive employee data must be secure. When it comes to testing or regression testing, HR professionals need to create realistic test data in a safe and secure manner. Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud will simplify this process and help you easily:

  • Anonymize data in place
  • Replicate production errors
  • Create test data
  • Maximize test data for performance tests

Mass data changes are a reality in today’s environment. This is challenging due to the amount of time necessary for manual data entry and the effort required for vanilla data upload processes.  With Accenture HR Data Loader, you can simply and effectively manage mass data changes processes and uploads including:

  • New hires, transfers and reorganization 
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Promotions & bonus payment 
  • Mass data maintenance

Join this webcast to learn how these Accenture Software apps for SAP SuccessFactors powered by the SAP Cloud Platform can help your HR teams run more efficiently!


  • Tobias Bloch, VP Sales, North America, Accenture Software
  • Derek Poon, Solution Architect, Accenture Software
  • Matthew Otto, Director, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP

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