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PLM: Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Program at Southern California Edison

Hosted by: Environment Health and Safety (EHS) SIG of theProduct Lifecycle Management Communities


Southern California Edison, one of the largest electric utilities in California, is transforming its enterprise-wide EHS processes by using SAP technologies and offerings, including SAP’s EHS Management and Management of Change applications. SCE has used these technology solutions to reduce the utility’s operating expenses, mitigate compliance and safety risks, and improve field service and asset management and productivity. Additionally, these SAP solutions provide a framework
for operational risk management that can be integrated with enterprise governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. Learn how SCE:

• Developed an enterprise-wide integrated Hazardous Waste Management system with existing SAP EHSM integrations
• Improved operational efficiency by simplifying and standardizing business processes for spill response, waste inventory, characterization, and disposal.
• Eliminated redundant information management systems.
• Utilized data across the lifecycle from asset procurement to waste disposal to enhance waste characterization activities.
• Monitored and tracked environmental compliance and performance across the enterprise
• Provided comprehensive environmental reporting and analytics to drive continuous improvement.


Josh Nichols, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Ryan Castillo, Southern California Edison

Devesh Sinha, Langan