This course provides all the knowledge you need to create analytic applications in SAP Analytics Cloud with lots of hands-on exercises.


  • BW and SAP HANA consultants
  • SAP Business Objects Consultants
  • Power Users and managers inside business functions of the business
  • Business Analyst



  • Basic understanding of SAP Analytics Cloud basic concepts like covered in course SAC01


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2020.08


  • Overview and Positioning
    • Overview and Positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer
    • Key Capabilities
    • SAC Stories vs. SAP Analytic Applications
  • Creating Analytic Applications
    • Working with the different modes of an application
    • Working with various widgets like Crosstab, Chart, Filterline, GeoMaps etc
    • Introduction to Data Analyzer
    • Positioning of widgets
    • Transporting, sharing and translation of analytical applications
  • Introduction and Usage of Scripting within an Analytic Application
    • Introduction to scripting
    • Method chaining
    • Usage of events, local and global variables, arrays
    • Working with conditional execution statements
    • Debugging
  • Usage of complex scripting APIs
    • Working with loops
    • Working with global script functions
    • Creating a dynamic application layout
    • Looping the result set
    • Creating dynamic R visualizations
  • Using additional scripting scenarios
    • Understanding and implementing Bookmarks in applications
    • Understanding and implementing Comments in applications
    • Implementing PDF export of applications
  • Implementing Inbound and Outbound Integration with external applications or information
    • Using oData calls to S/4HANA
    • Using the Post Message API to embed an analytic application in a Host HTML page and a web page to an analytic application
    • Including RSS feeds to application
  • Introduction to Predictive and Planning scenarios


  • The modeling of data sources for SAP Analytics Cloud is not covered in this course. As sources in this training we use SAP BW4/HANA and SAP S4/HANA.