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SAP in the new Digital Era

Hosted by Dimension Data

Accelarating economic possibilities in the digital world – how SAP can help you achieve that

Historically the ERP journey was modular and asset-driven. The new Digital Era has changed this. Everything is real time with higher volumes of data. Enterprises need to look at SAP as the core application to enable this and has to be in the cloud to achieve this. The future of commerce is about being easy to deal with.

Building a world class stakeholder experience for our clients is core to the NTT Group. We have the SAP solutions to enable this.


Deon du Preez, Director of Innovation, Dimension Data

Jay Monahan,SAP Director - GLobal Shop Floor,NTT Data

If you cannot attend: The webcast will be recorded. The link to the recording will be posted here and emailed to all registrants.