Love's Travel Stops has over 26,000 employees and provides services from truck maintenance to hospitality across the U.S. With a wide range of business operations, the team is tasked with building applications for stakeholders including internal employees, truckers, partners, and customers, and was facing challenges with speed and reuse amongst these tools. Love's had access to highly skilled developers with .NET, SAP, and Salesforce experience, but these groups operated in siloed environments that make it difficult to get user-friendly applications in market quickly. In this session, Senior Manager of Enterprise Applications Vijay Ponnavolu will discuss how Mendix became the right layer with SAP and other platforms to deliver apps with better user interface and mobile solutions. Simultaneously, Mendix helped cut development timelines from months to weeks with it’s low-code and rapid application development.


  • Vijay Ponnavolu, Senior Manager of Enterprise Applications, Love's Travel Stops
  • Steve Tharp, Director of Data & Development Services, Love's Travel Stops

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