As the collection and usage of data continues to increase, organizations face many issues concerning personal information—from securing it to ensuring that individuals enjoy the “right to be forgotten” by having their data removed. Learn how SAP Privacy Management by BigID can help you identify and map personal data across your enterprise, identify high-risk data sources, and play a key role in maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.  

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how the regulatory landscape is changing around data privacy requirements.
  • Learn why privacy protection must go beyond compliance.
  • See how SAP Privacy Management by BigID can help companies reveal where and how and where they use personal data and improve data privacy compliance.


  • 3:00 – Speaker introduction and key takeaways
  • 7:00 – Overview of security challenges
  • 11:15 – Global data protection regulations are expanding
  • 12:55 – SAP building digital trust in digital transformation
  • 14:40 – Capabilities for effective data protection
  • 20:20 – Customer preference and consent management
  • 21:00 – Privacy governance – what is it about?
  • 23:30 – Data security and privacy by design
  • 25:30 – Data management
  • 27:05 – SAP Privacy Management by BigID
  • 31:00 – Live demo
  • 49:50 – Summary



  • Erin Hughes, Cybersecurity Solution Advisor, Office of North America CIO, SAP
  • Chris Radkowski, Director, Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions, SAP
  • Sachin Kungar, Senior PreSales Architect, BigID

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