The ABAP RESTful programming model provides an approach to efficiently build SAP Fiori apps in ABAP intrinsically optimized for SAP HANA. Such apps run both in the cloud and on-premise. Get to know the major building blocks of this programming model such as core data services enriched with transactional behavior that are exposed as operational data (O-data) services for easy consumption in SAP Fiori templates.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the purpose and the big picture of the ABAP RESTful Programming Model
  • Know the major concepts of the ABAP RESTful Programming Model
  • Have a concrete idea about how to easily develop new transactional OData services for building SAP Fiori apps
  • Know the next steps planned in this area


  • 4:00 – Agenda overview
  • 5:30 – Evolution of the ABAP programming model
  • 11:00 – Support for ABAP developers
  • 12:45 – Key players
  • 14:35 – Big picture
  • 19:50 – Business objects runtime implementation types
  • 24:35 – Development flow
  • 26:15 – Business service
  • 28:05 – Development flow
  • 29:30 – Demo
  • 43:25 – Modern ABAP development in Eclipse
  • 43:50 – Outlook and next steps planned
  • 46:00 – Summary and key takeaways
  • 47:50 – Further information
  • 49:20 – Q&A


  • Carine Tchoutouo Djomo, Product Manager for ABAP Platform, SAP

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