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The New SAP Support Portal: Simplified and Mobile - Optimized

If you work with SAP Support, you are most likely very familiar with the SAP Support Portal. Thanks to customer influence, engagement in usability studies, and feedback, we are pleased to share the new look and feel of the SAP Support Portal with you.

With a new design, we continue to focus on the critical reasons customers and partners visit the SAP Support Portal: search, which is front and center on the homepage, as well as important support related tasks such as reporting incidents, managing incidents, downloading software, maintaining systems, administering users, and more.

We’ve redesigned the site to make it simpler and easier to use. Part of this is making the portal look and feel similar to other SAP digital properties, like SAP Community Network and sap.com.

Mobile optimization is a key benefit to the new site as well. Mobile visitors will now be able to use the site regardless of the device they are using.

Our focus remains on ensuring we have a great desktop experience, but also one that will allow you to use the site on a mobile device, when the need arises.

As part of the SAP Support Portal preview period (which began in October 2016), a survey was open to all visitors. The project team closely monitored feedback. and implemented requested changes.

Overall feedback was positive:

“It looks more user friendly from desktop and from mobile as well.”

“The landing page is less cluttered”

“Finally, clean and precise information design! Thanks!”

We received requests for additional search functionality from the new homepage, including:

  • the ability to display an SAP Note or KBA directly if the user’s search term is an SAP Note or KBA number (vs. seeing it listed in a search result list)
  • a wider search field
  • easier access toExpert Search from the Home page

Customers also asked us to reduce the size of images in order to fit more content on their screens.

We took this feedback very seriously and implemented all of those changes on our new homepage.

Join this webcast to learn about and see the new mobile-optimized experience, the simplified structure, and a more seamless user experience. (Please note that the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is not affected.)


Alyson Munroe, Senior Manager Usability, SAP Product Support Customer Experience Team