Photo of journalist Soledad O'Brien

ASUG invites you to participate in our first ASUG Women Connect Think Tank to interact with award-winning journalist, documentarian, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Soledad O’Brien. 

Access the recording and insights from this conversation. 

Soledad has established herself as one of the most recognized names in broadcasting by telling the stories behind the most important issues, people, and events of the day. She will join us to discuss how to press through difficulties during COVID-19, as well as how to have an open dialogue around the issues women are facing in a changing business landscape.

Join us on April 6, 2020, at 2 p.m. CT for an hour of virtual dialogue with Soledad. This conversation is open to all ASUG members and nonmembers and will be facilitated by a member of the ASUG team. 

We encourage you to bring something to the table: a challenge you’re facing in your role or at your organization, a resource you’re using to stay productive or even-keeled, or a question to ask Soledad during the Q&A portion in the second half of the Think Tank.

ASUG Women Connect

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ASUG Think Tanks

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This event is part of the ASUG daily Think Tanks offered during a time of increased social distancing. View our full lineup of Think Tanks and register to connect with your peers.