In partnership with Beyond Technologies, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP Technology.

Your success in your journey to maximize asset reliability and production output is all about focusing primarily on people and processes, as well as putting in place the technologies designed specifically to manage the people’s roles and processes most efficiently. Learn about the fundamental elements required for digitalization technologies to add value and provide the expected benefits and ROI.

As an example of a digitalization project adding value, discover how implementing an efficient Work Week Management Process with a multi-week schedule (using Visual Planner for SAP, an innovative cloud-based digital tool) will ensure that the right work to prevent asset failures will be done on time. It develops teamwork between maintenance and production, as well as maximizes labor productivity and minimizes maintenance costs.

This webcast will cover how you can:

  • Identify the essential elements required to maximize asset reliability.
  • Recognize the roadblocks and how to overcome them to achieve your objectives and get the expected benefits.
  • Learn how to set the stage with proper people roles and the right processes to ensure the success of digitalization projects.
  • Learn how using digitalization to implement an efficient multi-week scheduling process is the keystone to ensure on-time execution of maintenance work and to maximize asset reliability.


  • Welcome
  • Introductions [1:15]
  • Asset Reliability Strategy [3:30]
  • Planning and Scheduling Process and Roles [12:44]
  • Work Week Management Process [15:26]
  • A week in the life of a maintenance planner-scheduler [26:11]
  • Success Story [27:24]
  • Visual Planner [34:23]
  • Digitalization Key Elements [39:38]
  • Q&A [44:00]


  • Jean Charbonneau, President and CEO, CiM Maintenance
  • David Coyles, SAP Solution Director, Beyond Technologies

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