Since roughly March of 2020, the majority of companies globally have encountered some major changes to their workplaces. New work environments, new standards, and new questions call for an advancement in technology and enhanced products that can meet and exceed previous working conditions.

The introduction of RISE with SAP has opened the door for SAP customers to explore innovative options that will transform their businesses as companies carve a path to SAP Cloud and SAP S/4HANA. One of these new developments focuses on the heart of any business—the employees. SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) transforms traditional human capital management (HCM) into an integrated system that helps companies find better engagement with their employees.

On March 8, 2021, ASUG hosted a virtual Think Tank in collaboration with SAP and several ASUG chapters to bring new awareness to SAP HXM. The Think Tank, led by Greg Selke, VP and SAP HXM value advisor, shared a candid presentation addressing the new obstacles of the post-COVID-19 work environment. Selke demonstrated how companies can find solutions to help create a positive work culture, from the hiring process onwards.

Constant and Detailed Communication

Selke addressed how to design the HR process with an experience mindset, elaborating that companies need to take into consideration the employees’ experience as early as the recruiting process. “The candidates are thinking, ‘Is this really the job I want or the company I want to work for? Is it easy to apply? Throughout the process, how have I been treated?’ ” Selke poised. An ASUG member added to the conversation by stating, “The best hiring experience is when the hiring authority provides constant and detailed communication.”

The Think Tank continued to explore the importance of onboarding and how something as small as greeting a new employee with an empty, unprepped cubicle can have a lasting, negative impression on that employee’s experience. Attendees on the Think Tank shared their adverse onboarding stories, such as walking in to their first day and realizing they do not have their own desk. Instead, the attendee was only given a chair at another coworker’s cubicle. These are the tiny details employers can fix to create a more positive work culture.

Coaching and Feedback

The ASUG Think Tank wrapped with the importance of setting clear expectations by involving the employee in a conversation about their goals instead of dictating duties. Selke added how managers should engage their employees with ongoing and consistent coaching and feedback. The feedback feeds into the performance review, which ultimately assists with compensation transparency. Selke shared, “It is smart business to go beyond policies. Managing a moment that matters by saying, ‘Sorry our policy won’t allow it,’—that’s not going to create a moment that matters.”

If an ASUG member is searching for active engagement, immediate connections, and the opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary to find their solution, an ASUG Think Tank is the virtual space for them. ASUG programs hour-long Think Tanks weekly on a variety of topics for all industries that use SAP. Find your next opportunity to join an ASUG Think Tank live.

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