You started a new job, or maybe you moved in to a new role at your company, and quickly found out that you would be using SAP Business One to do your job.  Or perhaps you have joined a new company in a management role and want to learn about the software your company uses to run its business and generate the reports you will need.

Whatever the circumstance, if you are looking to get up-to-speed with a basic overview of SAP Business One, this short video series is for you. 

Overview | About the Video Series

Our purpose with ONE.Source, as part of the greater ASUG mission, is to help you make better use of your SAP technology. We want to help you learn and understand what SAP Business One can do, as well as how you can leverage it effectively to better do your job or run your business. 

We assembled this three-part "Introduction to SAP Business One" video series from an existing customer's perspective, for those new to the software at companies already running SAP Business One. There is no shortage of videos highlighting customer testimonials or why a potential customer should choose this solution, it can be hard to find introductory material geared towards new users. We hope ONE.Source can help bridge that gap with this series, our 15-Minute Fundamentals video series, and the other video tutorials planned in our year-round curriculum. 

Part One | SAP Business One Product Design and General Overview

If your company is already running SAP Business One, your colleagues have already gone through a thorough evaluation of the solution as part of their decision to purchase and implement the software. While everything is already up and running, it can be helpful for you, as a new user, to understand the background of the solution.

In Part One, our focus is an introduction to SAP Business One: What it is, how it is designed, how it works, and how it can help your business. We discuss the business cases for choosing SAP Business One, highlight the core functionality, and briefly cover some recent developments that are shaping the future of the solution. 

Topics & Timestamps

  • Introduction to SAP Business One
    • Types of Companies Using SAP Business One
    • Why Businesses Use an ERP system (4:55)
  • SAP Business One Digital Core (10:10)
    • Digital Business – Enablers
    • Additional Elements
    • Integration Products at a Glance (19:40)
    • Industry-Specific Solutions
    • Deployment Options (23:30)
  • SAP HANA (24:50)
    • Applications
    • Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Remote Support Platform (29:10)

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Part Two | SAP Business One Navigation Walk-Through

To help you understand and navigate the SAP Business One solution, this video walks you through the cockpit screens that you will see and use. This demo was recorded on the latest version, SAP Business One 9.3 and SAP HANA, but also covers and demonstrates the traditional cockpit common on other versions on Microsoft SQL Server.

Topics & Timestamps

  • Fiori-Style Cockpit on SAP HANA (2:05)
    • Customizing the Cockpit - see sample video below
    • Menu (4:05)
    • Modules
      • User Defined Fields (6:00)
      • Analytics
      • Recommendations
        • Sales Order Example (6:20)
  • Standard Cockpit (7:10)
    • Setup
    • Walk-Through of Cockpit on SQL Server (8:40)
    • Modules
    • Customizing the Cockpit (9:53)
      • Adding Widgets
      • Common Functions (12:04)
  • Reports (12:42)

Sample Video | How to Customize Cockpits in SAP Business One 9.3 version for SAP HANA

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Part Three | Wrap Up and Next Steps

In Part Three, we wrap up with an overview of all the business processes available in the software, as well as a quick snapshot of the full SAP product portfolio. We also introduce you to SAP as a company and recommend some additional resources to help you on your journey using SAP Business One.

  • More about SAP Business One
    • Who Uses SAP Business One?
    • Complementary Solutions
  • SAP Business One Positioning for Small and Midsize Enterprises (2:30)
  • SAP Business One Key Functionality (6:05)
  • About SAP SE (7:50)
  • SAP Business One Solution Stack (9:50)
  • Other Resources (12:20)

Learn How to Use SAP Business One with ONE.Source

Altogether, these videos amount to a one hour introduction for new users to better understand the SAP Business One solution.

For more detailed overviews of the functionality and demos of how to use the solution, check out our 15-Minute Fundamentals series for basic usability training, as well as the videos category on our ONE.Source Blog