Earlier this month, I presented my monthly Best Practices and Ask the Expert webcast for ONE.Source, with a focus on our monthly theme of logistics. (You can access the slides and recording link for the session in our community forum.)

As I was doing my research, reviewing my past presentations and collection of useful documents, I identified a number of newer documents and resources that may prove helpful as you think about how you can improve your business processes in the logistics area.

Logistics Management Best Practices

The first of these documents is a guide to logistics management best practices from an organisation called PLS Logistics Service

Quite rightly, it begins by pointing out the fundamental difference between logistics management and the broader topic of supply chain management, where logistics management is defined as "the hands-on part of the supply chain" concerned with goods transport in , storage, handling and transport out of those goods to the purchaser.

The value of this document is the coverage of the focal points of logistics management, process development, and managing the difficulties of those processes, as well as the optimization of best practices to drive improvements in customer service.

I hope you find it as useful as a starting point as I did. You can access the guide in our community forum. 

Stay tuned to ONE.Source for more resources; I may share some other documents referenced in my webcast. Our community forum is your source to see the latest activity or get answers to your questions, whether it is for Logistics month or the rest of our year-round curriculum.