Our second webcast with Richard Duffy for ONE.Source Financials month covers the branch capabilities in SAP Business One. Learn what the branch functionality does, how it works, when you should use it, and – importantly - when you should not.

Added to SAP Business One as part the 9.x releases, you can switch on branch capabilities, which allow you to track and manage your business according to a branch structure. More than just a segmented chart of accounts, branches add additional controls and capabilities to the SAP Business One solution.

Presented with out slides, this webcast is presented as an extended demo, as well as Richard's insights and context to consider. (Note: Richard's demonstrations on this webcast are using SAP Business One 9.2)

Webcast Summary | Topics and Timestamps

  • Introductions
    • About branches (5:33)
  • Discussion of use cases (6:45)
  • Setup: switching on branch functionality (9:45)
    • Impact of enabling branches
      • Impact on inventory (12:30)
    • The key to branches working correctly (16:45)
  • Branch functionality versus inter-company module (20:30)
  • Assigning to branches (22:30)
    • Business Partners module
    • Warehouses and inventory (25:30)
  • Important considerations with branch functionality (39:50)
    • Sharing master data
    • Inventory and warehouse considerations
    • Segmentation accounts (43:00) 
    • Price lists