Like a very tall skyscraper that sways when it’s windy, the infrastructure SAP customers build their complex systems on must be both solid and flexible to bend without breaking. Shifts can happen that are sometimes significant in scale, though not always the result of carefully planned change management. This is often the case when IT and SAP BASIS teams are tasked with operating faster and more efficiently while reducing their overhead—all without sacrificing performance or system availability.

For this reason, it is crucial that businesses have the right infrastructure in place. Making sure your company’s technology stack is strengthened at the lowest level will help prevent your systems from crashing and will increase your company’s agility.

This 2019 white paper from ASUG and Nutanix explains:

  • What the major business differentiators are for SAP customers
  • The top five factors driving IT infrastructure change
  • The business benefits of adopting hyperconverged infrastructure
  • How to decide whether hyperconverged infrastructure aligns with your SAP application needs

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