A high-end bike manufacturer required a partner to implement and support a robust business management software that would integrate and optimize its inbound and outbound supply chain, from containers receiving, to product assembly, to order fulfillment. Given the critical role of its warehouse operations and a high employee turnover in that area, a warehouse management software was crucial in maximizing performance with reduced training time and in avoiding bottlenecks in production and order shipping. Additionally, the company implemented a simple tool to collect manufacturing data and track SAP production orders in real time, and a POS system to set up a small on-site store. Much to the delight of the management team, the partnership provided more long-term value with the addition of a business intelligence software powered by Tableau, allowing more data-driven decision-making. Because of the rising awareness for cybersecurity, a backup service was also added for complete peace of mind.


  • Neil Swanson, Account Executive, N'ware Technologies

This session was presented virtually at ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One 2020.

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