As an operations leader, you’re no stranger to persevering through uncertainty. Even before this pandemic, you navigated your days with the guidance of gut instincts and your best guess of what’s actually going on within your operations. What other choice did you have? There has never been a tool that delivers the operational insights you need. Until now. Exclusive to SAP Business One, Chassi is the first tool to give you live, intuitive operational insights, so you can confidently solve inefficiencies, scale effective processes, and make better, faster decisions for your organization. Hear how you can measure what work gets wasted, who’s most proficient, and how much effort it takes to support your customers. You’ll finally have the actionable intelligence you need to elevate your team, performance, and outcomes without any performance degradation. So, what’s actually going on within your operations? Just take a look.


  • Lisa Haggard, Director of Product Strategy, Chassi

This session was presented virtually at ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One 2020.

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