Anyone who has relocated to a new home can attest to what a challenge moving can be. There are typically two options: You can hire movers to ease your burden, but this comes at an increased cost. Or you call on friends to help you, though they might not show up or work as hard as you’d like them to. A move can be utter chaos that turns your life upside down for months, or it can run like a well-choreographed performance with life quickly returning to normal at the end. How well you plan for the move makes all the difference.

When moving technology and infrastructure, similar options are available to organizations. They can hand the process over to a third party, or they can lean on internal resources to assist with a move. Organizations often prefer the latter option because of tight IT budgets and the desire to maintain control of their data.

In 2018, ASUG and Softchoice conducted a study that examined the key issues SAP customers need to consider prior to a tech migration, especially for the biggest shift in recent memory: the transition to SAP HANA. In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Which operating systems SAP customers are currently using and how that affects their moves to SAP HANA
  • How prepared SAP customers think they are from a staffing perspective for these migrations
  • Top IT infrastructure concerns to consider
  • How to find strong migration support

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