While analyzing an SAP Business One’s customer’s needs, NewIntelligence determined a requirement to budget sales by individual customer and item at the month level. It also needed aggregation by various item or customer attributes (i.e., item group, customer group, etc.). The number of combinations was difficult to manage and required significant manipulation to achieve desired results. Thus, the process would only be done annually, and budgets remained static.

With NewIntelligence’s help, the client implemented IBM Planning Analytics, enabling planning, budgeting, and forecasting from a top-down approach and leverage historical data as a foundation for upcoming budgets. The client now adjust forecasts using relative proportions with breakback capability down to the customer, item, and salesperson levels. The solution allows for use of sandboxes to test out what-if scenarios prior to committing numbers. Now budgets are tweaked throughout the year and provide an additional revised version.


  • Corey Mendelsohn, President, NewIntelligence, Inc.

This session was presented virtually at ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One 2020.

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