Companies are faced with the question of how to undergo a digital transformation, move to a new ERP system like SAP S/4HANA, or adopt emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or robotic process automation and still keep the lights on. The ASUG Annual Conference next month answers that question.

“ASUG provides strategies for the future and solutions for the present,” notes former ASUG Volunteer, Joe Larocque.

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference will kick off in Orlando, Florida on May 7, with ASUG Pre-Conference Seminars held a day earlier on May 6. This is the world’s largest SAP user conference, with two conferences available for the price of one.

The ASUG Touch

ASUG’s focus will be on helping you find solutions to your business challenges. You can learn from your peers about moving to the cloud, about hybrid solutions, and so much more.

Here are some reasons you should consider attending:

  • Jump start your event with an ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar on Monday, May 6. Consider attending Hands-On with SAP Analytics Cloud: Professionally Designed Dashboards and Self-Service Business Intelligence. This is a great opportunity to extend your network and connect with peers who will be sharing their inside expertise and best practices for solving problems.
  • Learn about ASUG’s Communities. ASUG aims to network, educate, and influence as it’s dedicated to the advancement, understanding, and effective use of SAP products. Take advantage of the year-round education opportunities and learn more during the ASUG keynote.
  • Explore the full array of SAP solutions in one location. Visit the exhibition floor for demos, expert question and answer discussions, and to meet our partners.
  • Network with your peers. Be sure to bring your business cards because there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange them with others. When exchanging business cards, write one sentence on the back of the card of the person you just met, so you’ll remember the context where you met when you go back home.
  • Influence SAP in person. Several ASUG Influence Councils will be meeting in the ASUG Hub. Last year an SAP development request was created the same day as a result of an ASUG Influence Council session.

Hear it From Your Peers

There are more than 500 ASUG sessions to choose from, and more than half are based on customer stories. Below are some of my top picks. Do yourself a favor and skim through the agenda to find ones that will answer your questions and curiosities.

I asked fellow ASUG Volunteer Derek Loranca why someone should go to the ASUG Annual Conference. He responded, “Because ASUG Annual Conference gives attendees a selection of SAP analytics content leaving no BI content behind. The venue and schedule give attendees the opportunity to make the most of their conference investment with a great blend of sessions and networking opportunities.”

Don’t wait too long, register now for SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference and start building your agenda. Additionally, we welcome all ASUG members to submit their ideas for blog posts they want to write.